What we do

[columna]ibd offers one-stop-shop and hands-on business development services for international companies seeking to initiate or expand their business in Chile and Peru.[/columna]
[columna]Delivering from initial market assessment to concrete project execution, ibd offers a unique full service range and acts as single counterpart making the necessary services and intercultural experience available to its internationally expanding clients.[/columna]
[columna]Adding strategic view, information, access, implementation capabilities and risk-absorption to our clients’ overseas or cross-regional expansion initiatives, ibd acts as fundamental contributor to their business success in the market.[/columna]
[columna]By combining over 40 years of experience in project and commercial execution and its business support capabilities, ibd uniquely focuses on executing the groundwork with or for its clients, directly participating in the projects implementation if desired.[/columna]
[listado titulo="Ibd customers benefit from"]
[lista titulo="Reduce Risk"]
Local threat detection and mitigation
Accurate and timely information
Local implementation expertise
Localized strategy right from the beginning
Hands-on experience with and understanding of local legal and political framework
[lista titulo="Increase Value"]
Interculturally focused project approach and execution
Interaction with only one local counter part
Reduction of learning curve
Increase right access the first time
Reduction of local inefficiencies and red tape